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Welcome to the Best in Catfight Action

The ACW World Title represents the pinnacle in apartment wrestling. Throughout the history of the promotion, only eight women hard worn the belt and these are their stories.

The story of the Inter-Condominium Championship is one of great opportunities and great upsets. Considered by many to be a stepping stone to ACW World Title contention, it has often led many catfighters into retirement.

The D-Cup Championship is a tribute to the sexy, full-bodied catfighters on Earth. Through the years, numerous ACW Superstars have travelled to Japan for the D-Cup Tournament and returned home holding the gold trophy.

Brycee Adams - apartmentwrestlers.com

Welcome to
Apartment Championship Wrestling

For more than a decade, Apartment Championship Wrestling has served as the Gold Standard in catfighting promotions. ACW presents the most talented and beautiful catfighters in the sport. These great women are featured in DVDs, Video Clips, Match Photos and profiles.

The only 3-time champion in the history of the promotion, Cartier is considered one of the greatest catfighters in history.

The Blonde Bombshell of Catfighting, Del Monacco balanced a burgeoning modeling and movie career with a long title reign as ACW Champion.

The original Superstar, 00Heaven went from being a complete unknown to emerging as the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

After making a splash as a new starlet in the world of adult movies, Taylor made the surprising decision to take her talents to the world of catfighting

Tiffani walked into the sport of apartment wrestling and emerged as a star, appearing Playboy magazine.

Galas Looner was seen by many as just a Gwen Stefani look0alike, but grew to become one of the best in the sport.

Gia started her career with major losses but would soon become of the great legends in catfighting.

Long, Strong and Athletic, Kaila dominated her matches to become one of the most feared apartment wrestlers in the United States.

The breakout star of the Miami Invasion, Jones combined powerhouse strength with tenacious intensity to become a champion.

More than 105 ACW matches are memorialized in our video collection available in the ACW Clips4Sale store. From our early matches in Standard Definition to more recent matches in stunning High Definition, these clips stand as a testament to the great action provided by the tremendous athletes in ACW.

Katie Anderson - apartmentwrestlers.com

Taking a cue from the wrestling magazines of yesteryear, ACW present the in-match photo action of it greatest competitors. From tryout matches to championship bouts, the action is presented in brilliant color capturing the intensity of ACW competition.