Brycee Adams
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Brycee Adams

Brycee Adams
The Wild Child

Brycee Adams is an ACW favorite. From her tattooed left arm to her boisterous behavior, Brycee is not shy about singing her own praises or making people take note.

ook ACW by storm, with a personality that overwhelm everyone in sight and a fighter style and aggression to left many opponents shaking in their boots. But the same things that have made her a star are the same things that have stymied her career.


“There is no one like me, no one who can understand me, no one who can intimidate me and no one who can stop… but myself.” – Brycee Adams


She is the Wild Child of Catfighting, a mental mastermind hailing from the tough streets of Indiana. Brycee was seemingly born fighting, one of nine children raised by a single mother. Her parents divorced when she was five years old, and while her father was not around the house to help raise her, she often sought him out for the one thing she needed from him… To teach her how to fight, He must have trained well because she fought incessantly until she was a junior in high school. At that point, she got into so many physical confrontations that the high school she was attending asked her to leave and not come back. Her mother, unable to control her at home, surrendered to Brycee’s request to be emancipated and the 16 year old was soon off to run the streets on her own.

Hair : Black
Height : 5′ 8″
Weight : 135 lbs.
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Titles Held : ACW Inter-Condominium Championship, D-Cup Champion

She began running with the rough crowds and getting into big trouble. After being arrested 13 times over a two year period, Brycee found herself facing a two year prison stint. Instead, the judge offered her an opportunity to take place in an alternative sentencing boot camp. Brycee took that route and fell under the supervision of Donald Simon, a retired marine Colonel. After six months of regimented surroundings, Brycee had focused her attention and regned in her attitude. Simon recognized that it was necessary for Adams to channel her aggressive nature and directed her to the ACW Academy dojo.


Brycee took to the training like a duck to water and began impressing ACW trainers. She showed a limited amount of natural athletic ability but was extremely driven and looked to train and fight all day long, tiring out many ACW veterans. She demonstrated a brawling style of fighting and had to be reigned in a she injured numerous opponents during their training sessions.


Although most of the trainers felt that she was not ready for serious action, Adams demanded an opportunity to compete. To try to temper her ambitions, ACW Founder Tanako X decided to send her to Japan for the annual D-Cup Tournament. X figured that she would be cowed and humiliated and taken down a notch by the experienced veterans slated to compete. Brycee, however, got a lucky draw and saw a number of her opponents injured during the tournament and she received several byes. When she made it to the semi-finals, industry big shots took notice of the American taking advantage of her opportunity. A 30 minute match left Brycee gasping for breath as she put “Hellcat” Jones in an arm-bar and made her tap out. In the hours before the finals, Brycee taunted her opponent Dana Hendrix, screaming across the room and then sprinted towards her trying to attack her. Hendrix was unnerved by her behavior and Brycee battered the girl all around the room for six minutes before pinning her and walking away with the coveted trophy.

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Upon returning to the promotion, Brycee began climbing her way up the ACW ladder, banishing a number of veterans to retirement. She announced that she would gain the Inter-Condominium title within six months and succeeded in three. Now she set her sights on the ACW World title and issued challenges to Daniella Cartier and then Alex Del Monacco who succeeded her as champion. With everything headed in the right direction, Brycee short-circuited. All of the discipline that she had show over a year and a half began to peel away. Adams got into an argument with Masahiro X during a training session. As the two became heated, Masahiro turned to walk away from the situation, Brycee hit him across the back with a nearby weight. X was hospitalized for two weeks and Adams was suspended by the promotion and stripped of the Inter-Condominium title. Rather than serve her suspension, Adams jumped to Global Catfights, a rival promotion. ACW, filed a temporary restraining order against Global, as Adams was under a five year contract. Adams was enraged by this and hopped a plain to Germany and joined a catfight promotion that was affiliated with a Sado-Masochism dungeon just outside of Dresden. She never returned to the United States and has disappeared from the headlines.


Brycee Adams has the potential to be a top-flight contender in the world of apartment wrestling, but only time will tell whether she can ever regain the discipline necessary to become a world champion.


ACW World Championship


One of ACW's Most Successful Catfighters


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Brycee Appears in 6 DVDs

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Brycee appears in 4 Video Clips


Brycee Appears in 3 Match Photosets

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Brycee Adams –
Brycee Adams
Burr Ridge Photohoot
Brycee Adams –
Brycee Adams
Burr Ridge Photoshoot
Brycee Adams –
Alex Del Monacco
burr Ridge Photoshoot
Brycee Adams –
Alex Del Monacco
Burr Ridge Photoshoot
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